The Chairman of Rashid Petroleum (Rashpetco) and Burullus Gas Company, Sabry El Sharkawy, exclusively reported to Egypt Oil & Gas on October 14 that three new wells will be linked to the production with a total capacity rate of 220 million cubic feet per day (mcf/d) before the end of the current year.

Moreover, El Sharkawy added that the last three wells from Phase 9B will also be linked to the production next March, with a total capacity of 170 mcf/d.

Burullus successfully extracted oil from Sapphire East DB well, with a capacity rate of approximately 60 mcf/d. This is considered the second newest well added to the production during October 2019 after Swan East well that had a capacity of 100 mcf/d.

Burullus’s Chairman forecasts that Silva well would be linked to the production in November 2019, with a capacity of 60 mcf/d.