Saudi Aramco Products Trading Company (ATC) and Indonesia’s Pertamina struck a gasoline supply deal, as Aramco looks to increase its presence in the Southeast Asian market, Platts reported.

ATC and 15 other regional suppliers will supply 88 RON and 92 RON gasoline cargoes from July to December 2018 to meet Indonesia’s growing gasoline requirements.

“ATC is expected to supply between 1 million to 2 million barrels of gasoline a month over this period,” a Singapore-based trader said. Sources have indicated that ATC will supply between one and two shipments of 200,000 barrels per month of 88 RON, and one 200,000 barrel shipment per month of 92 RON.

Neither ATC’s supply contract and price, or Pertamina’s July to December term price have been released.