Aramco Develops Carbon Capture Technique

Aramco Develops Carbon Capture Technique

Saudi Aramco announced that it has developed a new technique to reprocess captured CO2 emissions into high-value products, Mubasher reported.

The technique, named Converge, converts CO2 and other gases into useful industrial products and manufacturing feedstock.

“Converge polyols technology takes CO2, a greenhouse gas, and combines it with our abundant hydrocarbon feedstocks, using a proprietary catalyst, to create high performing polyols for use in everyday applications,” according to Saudi Aramco.

The use of polyols varies from coatings for household appliances to consumer and industrial adhesives, as well as automotive and medical applications, and food packaging.

“Containing up to 40% CO2 by mass, Converge polyols have a significantly reduced carbon and energy footprint that is unique to the marketplace,” according to the Saudi company.

Aramco also noted that Converge polyols have approximately one third the carbon footprint and an even greater reduction over acrylics, epoxies or conventional polycarbonate polyols, compared to other conventional polyether and polyester polyols.



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