Why Dell Technologies for Oil and Gas

Why Dell Technologies for Oil and Gas

Dell Technologies leadership in Oil and Gas

We use that collective force of innovative capabilities in Dell Technologies to establish ourselves as a transformation leader in the Oil & Gas industry, as these 7 points demonstrate:

Dell Technologies collaborated with a geoscience software vendor to deliver the 1st Petrotechnical Cloud appliance based on the ground-breaking hyper-converged infrastructure technology

-The 1st multi-petabyte Scale-out NAS solution for seismic data was made possible through the Dell EMC PowerScale storage solution

-We delivered the 1st hyper-converged National Hydrocarbon Data Repository (NDR), bringing the power of commodity hardware to the world of NDRs in a secure and scalable way

-The 1st Cloud Archive solution for sub-surface project data was delivered using Dell Technologies ECS (Enterprise Object Storage) object storage technology

-The top 5 Oil & Gas ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) have validated their E&P software suites on Dell EMC infrastructure, both Storage for data lifecycle management and compute for application delivery – Halliburton, Schlumberger, IHS Markit, Emerson, Ikon Science

-Over 90% of the top 25 Oil companies use Dell Technologies infrastructure – from geoscience workstations, to scalable data management to application delivery and analytics, to multi-cloud.

Dell Technologies delivers IT infrastructure that has passed 10 critical Marine/Offshore Safety Standards for running sustained remote Offshore operations

The next evolution of Digital Oilfields

-Oil and Gas Connected Digital Operations

The future of digital oil field (DOF) enablement is expected to continue to grow and increase over the coming years to focus on next-level efforts for predictive maintenance and prevention and dynamic services engagements to avoid costly field operations events that degrade Return on Investments. The next era of DOF being further enabled with IoT/Edge, AI, 5G… is expected to cover not just field operations for internal employees, but all services providers from all internal and external companies.

Beyond just the care and feeding of the field assets, DOF is moving towards fully integrated diagnostics with preventive and prescriptive “Total Field Health” awareness and promotion, and will be a huge area of primary focus. Dell’s Connected Digital Operations platform will ensure field operations personal are always ready with integrated surveillance, monitoring and control capabilities to quickly understand field conditions in real time for tactical and strategic efforts.

This platform enables complete integration across the entire field life-cycle enabling, mass balancing across the production network, and predictive optimization across the entire field and its interconnected workflows, hand-offs and custody transfer units. The Dell’s Connected Digital Operations Platform takes the next steps in expanding inter-connectivity across all data, systems and infrastructure in relevant time (real or other) aligned to key Roles and in full Context of the core field based operational activities.

-The Distributed Compute Architecture

Today 90% of all data is created and processed inside traditional centralized data centers or cloud. That is beginning to change. By 2025, Gartner predicts 75% of data is going to be processed at the edge.

This shift is occurring because data is growing at a massive rate and requires processing to be closest to where it is generated or collected.

Dell Technologies approach is a distributed architecture – from edge, to core, to cloud; the offers the flexibility to strike the correct balance of cost, performance, management and security for each use case; while not slowing down the ability to innovate. Dell Technologies achieves that by:

-Untethering edge from cloud so customers have choice and flexibility today and tomorrow. No lock-in to a single public cloud provider.

-Engineering an open, consistent infrastructure from edge to cloud, simplifying management and security, and offering open APIs so customers can choose the applications that best fit their environment and use case.

-Providing software-defined infrastructure for agility and efficiency/utilization.

-Providing the most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of hardware, software, and services.

Let’s cover the details of the architecture, from functional perspective:

1-At the Oilfield, Dell Technologies offer low footprint, containerized and secured edge data ingestion and processing that abstracts the disparity of devices, sensors or machines.

2-Essential data and insights are transmitted to the Core Data Center where it can be aggregated across plants and oilfields, enriched with other information sources – like maintenance history, operator log and consolidated in a scale-out data platform to create a more complete picture of the operations. From here, data can easily be leveraged for different applications, including Operational Analytics and Digital Twins where AI models are inferred, and where insights are integrated into business processes within enterprise maintenance management and planning applications. This can be deployed in private or public Cloud. The right Multi-Cloud Orchestration between Edge and Clouds provides the capability to Deploy AI Centrally, Refine Locally and Learn Globally.

3-All these applications will of course have some sort of User interface to enable end users from different persona to interact with systems or to simply observe operations through reporting, but the user experience must be secure, consistent and accessible at all times, regardless of whether the user is in the field or in core operations. This is the Connected Workforce capability

To summarize, Dell Technologies delivers effective connected digital operations through 5 key technology areas:

1-Dell Technologies ruggedized, Intelligent Edge platforms: Embedded PCs, Ruggedized Servers, Hyperconverged Appliances

2-Dell Technologies Cloud-Enabled Integration Platform solutions (Boomi), Data Platforms (PowerScale scale-out data storage, and ECS Object Storage] and Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure. Dell Technologies also democratizes data analytics for petro-technical community by providing Ready Bundles for AI (in partnership with NVIDIA, Intel and for Hadoop).

3-Dell Technologies multi-persona End-User Devices for office, field (ruggedized where necessary), VDI platforms and AR/VR systems for remote field assistance and training

4-Dell Technologies Multi-Cloud platform (powered by VMware Cloud Foundation) provides Consistent Infrastructure – VMs and Containers, and Consistent Operations and Management to seamlessly orchestrate applications and data across edge, core and different public cloud providers. No single vendor will have all best applications.

5-Dell Technologies provide Security solutions to protect end points, network traffic and data at rest (Dell Endpoint Security, VMware NSX, Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery), and solutions for advanced security operations (SecureWorks)


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