SAPESCO Chemical Solutions Challenges: Zeitco Iron Sulfide Dissolving Solution

SAPESCO Chemical Solutions Challenges: Zeitco Iron Sulfide Dissolving Solution

Building on the legacy of one of the Middle East’s largest oilfield service providers “SAPESCO”, SAHARA Chemical Solutions – SCS has combined an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and requirements of these highly specialized industries with innovative applications to create a Comprehensive and Exclusive portfolio of chemicals for oilfield production, stimulation, water treatment and waste oil treatment.

SCS provides full scale chemical flooding EOR solutions, including laboratory testing, site implementation, produced fluid treatment, and services.

Due to the complexities and variances in oil production, there is no universal solution to the same problems occurring in different oilfields, or different wells in one field.

SCS’ specialists have a thorough understanding of oil production operations and valuable experience in the application of chemical solutions. Every project starts with the costumer’s specific problem, not a standard chemical product in warehouse. SCS is constantly improving the quality and reliability of a wide range  of products, always striving for greater efficiency and productivity. When it comes to stimulation, production, hydro testing, refinery, water treatment, and waste oil treatment chemicals, SCS offers one of the most comprehensive chemical portfolios in the industry.

SCS faced a lot of challenges in many different cases, and succeeded to transfer them to true successful stories crowned by appreciation from key clients in Egypt and accreditations from specialized scientific universities and conferences worldwide.

Zeitco: A Challenging Case

One of the most challenging cases that SCS has faced recently was the Zeitco iron sulfide dissolving case. Well A-13 was an oil producing developed well completed initially in the Nubia formation (strong water drive), which later ceased flowing naturally due to high water cut. Nubia was isolated and another formation called Lower-Senonian was opened to resume the natural flow.

Since Lower-Senonian is communicated with Nubia, the natural flow sustained for only a year due to high water cut, and hence the well was converted into jet pump (JP). From time to time, the well was suffering from scale accumulation problems, which were extremely aggravated with the JP work.

During the workover to replace the JP completion, significant scale was found inside the casing, which resulted in many obstacles in the workover (that costed Zeitco $1 million) and ended up with almost complete plugging to the formation.

Hard scales were found accumulating in the well bore starting from the end of tubing, which resulted in an inaccessible wellbore, very low PI, and very low flow rate. Iron sulfide scales are classified as one of the hardest and most complicated scales in nature. Deep high scaly wells lead to very low productivity (0.06BPD/PSI), the accumulation of iron sulfide hard scale deposits, plugging perforation zone, preventing production, and hole accessibility.

Zeitco has collected all data and scale analysis regarding this complicated case and delivered them to four different specialized vendors in chemical services, including SAPESCO.

None of the vendors could supply any solutions for this case, and the best solubility for this type of iron sulfide scale was 2%. Other vendors have suggested the milling solution, which is a very costly solution.

SCS was the only vendor that found a suitable solution for the hard scale with a solubility that exceeded 70% – SCSR – 02. The production results were outstanding.

SCSR-02 gives Zeitco Multi-Beneficial Views

  • High scale dissolution capacity
  • Free of H2S
  • Gentle to well tubular (low corrosion rate)
  • Low surface tension, which facilitates the flow back
  • No re-precipitation tendency.

SCS is dedicated to providing unique solutions for the oil, gas and water treatment industries.


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