Petroleum Digital Transformation: A Path to The Future

Petroleum Digital Transformation: A Path to The Future

How did the digitalization pillar help the Egyptian oil and gas sector navigate Covid-19 pandemic?

“Today, with an extensive percentage of the workforce working remotely, the employees’ experience of digital technology has gone from “optional” to “the only way work gets done”.

A key enabler to combat the COVID-19 crisis in the energy sector was Digitalization, which helped improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of our energy systems. Data and how we manage and use it is the key differentiator for success. From using data and analytics to improving business-decision making, to harnessing tools that support and harmonize operational processes.”

When and why was the digital transformation of the oil and gas sector decided?

“In 2016, we dedicated a whole program in our Modernization strategy for digitalizing the Oil and Gas sector in order to be more efficient, achieve optimal performance and full monitoring and control over the whole value chain to take well informed decisions.”

How many digital transformation projects were initiated so far?

“Over 70 digital transformation projects were initiated and various success stories were achieved through the value chain.”

How important is the Egypt Upstream Gateway EUG for Exploration and Production (E&P)?

“The EUG is a world-class national E&P data repository that preserves legacy data, manages the active data and promotes investment opportunities through international bid rounds to accelerate E&P activities.”

What about the digital transformation of the mid-stream?

“In the Mid-Stream activities, we established the National Advanced Transmission and Automation Center (NATA).  It underwent an upgrading project in 2020 to replace the existing SCADA system with highly sophisticated integrated system that enables high control of gas transmission and distribution and analysis for failure or leakage via an advanced package of software applications.”

Sounds great, Were there any other companies developed according to this?

“Currently, we are working on implementing the same project over crude oil and petroleum products to ensure control over them through the Egyptian Petroleum Pipelines Company.

How was Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helpful to the oil and gas sector?

“We implemented several Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects to automate and optimize workflow, and to enable formulation of well-informed decisions. “

“EGPC and Holding companies have full operating ERP systems, as well as most of our affiliates across the value the chain, in addition to all refineries.”

How will the Executive Command Center (ECC) affect the sector?

“We are also executing an Executive Command Center (ECC) for the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources at the new Ministry’s Head Quarter at the New Administrative Capital.”

“This ECC shall provide an umbrella for centralized decision-making support for the Oil and Gas Sector leaders, where an Executive Support System specifically designed to facilitate and support senior executive information and real-time decision-making needs.”

How does the sector nourish a digitally oriented culture?

“Several digital Transformation Teams were established within sector companies to carry-on the digital transformation initiative and sustain the digital transformation process within different companies’ activities.”

Why is it important to adopt the digital transformation culture?

“Digital transformation isn’t just transforming processes into the digital world; it’s about having a culture that adapts to such kind of change. It’s not only the role of IT that can take us through the journey of digital transformation; it’s each and everyone’s role to embed the digital transformation processes and culture in our day-to-day activities.”



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