Middle Management Success in The Making

Middle Management Success in The Making

“Egypt’s Oil and Gas Modernization Project ”is vastly becoming a common phrase widely spread within the sector. It was the turning point, which allowed the sector to work on its challenges and achieve major successes witnessed during the past couple of years. Taking a closer look at this project, we can assure that everyone is working hard to achieve the project’s vision and create a huge transformation to the whole sector along its full value chain.

The oil and gas sector believes that one of the most important assets for its development and sustainability is its human resources. Accordingly, special attention was given to their development and enhancement of their skills. A specific program was in place with the aim of establishing an efficient and comprehensive talent management system for all sector employees starting from youth until they reach top management positions.

H.E. Eng. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, was particularly interested in the development of the sector’s youth as they are the guarantee for a fruitful future and encouraged the creation of a catered program to suit their needs and thus “The Middle Management Development Program” was in place.

The first step was to identify these top youth calibers through a set of assessments and interviews and then the program itself began. It is designed to provide the trainees with an overview of the latest technologies, knowledge, skills, and business systems that should help them become the sector’s well-equipped future leaders. The program is a broad spectrum to guarantee the enhancement of both the technical and managerial skills.

This development program was to succeed only with the cooperation and support of our international partners. In December, 2018, Schlumberger Egypt, one of our prominent partners, was the first to engage in such an initiative. It signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Egypt Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral resources during the celebration of the 80th anniversary for Schlumberger in Egypt.

The MoU was designed for capacity building and support of Egyptian talents under three categories: Undergraduate students, fresh graduates and new hires of the Ministry of Petroleum Middle Management.

The program is for four weeks, the first of which is dedicated to soft skills where the trainees start with change management course followed by introduction to governance, strategic planning and project management. The following two weeks are purely technical courses where the trainees get an overview of the oil life cycle with insights of the execution of mega projects that took place in Egypt. Finally, the last week gives an overview of all support functions such as human resources, supply chain, service quality, finance, and information technology. The program will not stop after these four weeks as there will be a set of workshops with the trainees to make sure they get all the knowledge they need to always be ready for future challenges.

Now, we are honored to celebrate the graduation of three out of the five groups of Middle Management trainees. This is just the start for these promising sector youth and further development opportunities will follow to ensure that they are armed with the knowledge and skill needed to excel and guarantee a prosperous future for the sector and our beloved Egypt.

I have always believed that youth are the future of any industry. I am very optimistic for the future of our sector in Egypt. I am sure  that thanks to our highly qualified human capital coupled with the current enhancements in performance and attractive investment environment, we will be able to achieve significant results and contribute to Egypt’s prosperity. 

H.E. Eng. Tarek El Molla

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources


Schlumberger strongly believes in people being at the core of its success.  We are extremely honored in the trust of the ministry in our contribution to the development of the future leadership of the oil and gas sector. By sharing our best practices in HSE, excellence in people development, strategic planning, excellence in execution, change management and team engagement, we will help to unlock the full potential of many talents to deliver H.E Eng. Tarek El Molla’s modernization program and make the oil and gas sector the leading sector in Egypt.

Karim Badawi 

Schlumberger Egypt Managing Director


  I am honored to be one of the lead instructors in this program. My interactions with the trainees were very rewarding. The trainees showed an outstanding business mindset, coupled with an amazing HSE commitment which gives me confidence that the sector have a strong talent pipeline, that is well posed to face the future challenges of the Oil and Gas sector in Egypt. 

Ahmed Murad  

Training Program Lead Instructor


  This training was an eye opener. Great efforts from all professional instructors and the cooperation from all Schlumberger’s coordinators was really appreciated. As part of the first batch, the whole team and I can’t thank them enough for all their effort and fast response and their continuous improvements that were clearly felt in the following batches as well. 

Sara Gaber 



  The Journey is the treasure” is the motto for our batch during our training at Schlumberger for a whole month full of lessons learned, motivation and overview of the oil cycle from exploration to production. I would like to thank H.E. Eng. Tarek El Molla for availing such chance for my colleagues and me from different companies working together for a mutual goal, which is a better sector. We just finished the first step and ready for more assignments to reach our ultimate goal. 

Mohamed Ismail

Sinai Gas


After meeting with the trainees, each for one month, I really feel proud to work for a sector with such brilliant colleagues, everyone was unique in his/her own way, the training experience was a push to work harder – now by evidence I can tell that the best investments are those made in people . 

Heba El Karrar 

The Training Program Manager


  The Middle Management Program was a great chance to give back to my country and share 20 years of international project management experience. The strength of the participants’ profile and their engagement stimulated fruitful discussions on resolving real life project challenges. This is only the start for all of us working together to modernize the energy sector and build a better future for Egypt. 

Kamel El Kholy  

Schlumberger Integration Program Manager


  Being part of the Middle Management Program, is really inspiring and motivating for my coming career in the Egyptian Oil and Gas Sector. We are lucky and blessed to have the full support of H.E. Eng. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, in every single step of this exciting journey. The journey includes several stages of development in numerous aspects to have the full awareness of the sector activities allowing us to be decision makers and future leaders.  

Abeer El Sherbiny 



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