Cheiron’s Approach to Sustainability and Supporting the Community

Cheiron’s Approach to Sustainability and Supporting the Community

With Egypt becoming established as a regional energy hub with a strong focus on sustainable development, the international energy companies have been working to assist the nation in meeting its commitments to respect the environment and promote cleaner energy sources. Cheiron is making its contribution to this story, as it invests to increase production at the same time as striving to reduce Green House Gas emissions, preserve the natural environment and support the communities it works in.

Over the past few years, Cheiron has been working to reduce GHG emissions by increasing the use of natural gas as the fuel of choice (to replace diesel) for power generation and reducing gas flaring and venting. These measures have proved effective in achieving some good results, with the emissions intensity of the company’s Egyptian assets declining by 12% last year and total operated emissions have been reduced by 20% (excluding new acquisitions).

The company is also in the process of installing high efficiency, centralised gas-fired power generators and electricity distribution systems at its onshore fields and has recently inaugurated a 27-kilometre pipeline to import gas into its North Bahariya fields in the Western Desert

Looking to the future, Cheiron is continuing to evaluate new ways to reduce emissions and, in cooperation with its Joint Venture Companies, such as Bapetco, is studying new opportunities such as waste heat recovery, fugitive identification and elimination, Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage and the use of renewable energy sources at remote locations.

Cheiron’s sustainability efforts fall within the framework of the company’s commitment to achieve a 25% reduction in its emissions intensity by 2025 and to eliminate routine venting and flaring by 2030 at the latest.

Cheiron is also committed to protect the natural environment and has contributed an estimated $10 million in new facilities to ensure that produced water from treatment plants in Geisum (PGM) and Amal (Amapetco) will meet the highest environmental standards. These facilities are expected to be operational shortly and are part of a sector-wide initiative which is being carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Environmental Affairs.

The preservation of Egypt’s rich natural assets, in the Red Sea in particular, forms a critical component of Cheiron’s sustainability agenda and values. For the planning for the new Geisum GNN field development, Cheiron monitored the environmental state of the essential marine ecosystems that make up the core of Egypt’s biodiversity including the fish, turtles, coral reefs, sea meadows and coastal mangrove areas. These data were used to help minimise the environmental impact of the field development, with the field infrastructure and pipeline being located in areas to avoid any vulnerable ecosystems and habitats.

Corporate social responsibility is also a core company value and Cheiron has a record of helping the communities that it operates in. Over the years it has provided financial support for many community initiatives including Hepatitis C screening, treatment and monitoring, vocational training schemes, orphanages, hospitals, schools, sports and social facilities, and the provision of eyesight tests and glasses for school children and their families.

The company is also is ready to assist in times of need and during the coronavirus pandemic provided vaccinations, medical equipment, and education to help communities overcome the crisis. Most recently, in cooperation with the Ministry of Petroleum, Cheiron has contributed to program to support communities affected by the floods in Upper Egypt and been involved in cleaning coastal areas contaminated by shipping and industrial activities.


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