The Mediterranean Offshore Conference (MOC) 2016 – Mediterranean Potentials – Unlocked Step 1 – has attracted a gigantic attention of current and new players in the industry. In the course of three days, more than 1,600 delegates from 23 countries gathered in the Bibliotheca Alexandria complex. Industry professionals and decision-makers presented their innovative ideas, new research, technologies, as well as the latest developments impacting the offshore exploration and production activities in the Mediterranean Sea.

Delegates the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Asia, and America engaged together to discuss the latest discoveries in the oil and gas industry, outline their strategies and plans in the Mediterranean region, and forge partnerships seeking mutual benefits.

In the opening ceremony, the keynote speakers, both Egyptian and international, declared a joint objective to make Egypt become a regional energy hub in the foreseeable future though efforts in offshore exploration and production. Representatives of the Egyptian oil and gas sector confirmed country’s commitment to create productive business environment which will allow IOCs and the Egyptian public and private sectors enhance the existing offshore potential.

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